Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) Coordinator

Sungei Kadut


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Job Description

Roles & Responsibilities

1. Responsible to coordinate and Supervise installation of M&E works as per approved drawing.

2. Serve as a project supervisor to lead the all Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) works including works from Nominated Sub-contractors and Domestic Sub Contractor.

3. List out deviation, VO or abortive works quantity and submit to M&E Engineer or M&E Coordinator.

4. Carryout work completion with in stipulate time frame assign by PM/ M&E Manager /DM (M&E) and management.

5. Time to Time management need to carryout M&E related duties and supervision of works assign shall be assign by immediate Superior or manager or top Management.

6. Report weekly progress of works and KPI to M&E manager.

7. Monitor the Site works day by day close supervision of works and ensure the M&E works complied with Architectural, structural and M&E code of practices and related Authority compliance.

8. Plan and prepare inspection form, check list and other form in advance and submit to RE/RTO/PMC.

9. Arrange all the RE/RTO inspection and complete the inspection in time.

10. Plan the workforce require for project and control the worker and assign the suitable works to complete the project works in time with cost effective.

Key Duties & Responsibilities

Legal Compliance, Legal Matters, Compliance to Policies and SOPs

· Ensure all the works carry out in operation with Legal Compliance of local Authority and Code of Practices and procedures to local Singapore law.

· Ensure Compliance to in line with Companies’ Policies and Standard Operating Procedures

· Ensure the NSC and DSC works are carry out in comply with project consultant requirement and Acceptable industrial practices.

· Implements the company’s Quality Management and EHS compliance throughout the project.

Mechanical & Electrical (M & E) Works

· Assist to DM (M&E) / M&E Engineer/ M&E coordinator / Project manager and list of superior assign the work time to time.

· Work can execute and complete standard installation of works as per consultant approved drawing.

· Check the work against to Structural drawing and Architectural drawing and highlight discrepancies into immediate superior.

· Prepare and draw in the form of hand / AutoCAD the detail sketch , submission drawing and shop drawing as an when require to complete the works.

· Interpretation of contract specification, ensure that correct and suitable method of installation, commissioning, testing and inspection procedures are carried out.

· Manage the Team of list of M&E Foreman and M&E worker to execute the job with in the schedule and time frame based on the master schedule and micro schedule.

· Train the M&E Foreman and Worker to carryout minor site installation and monitor works and assign duties such as updating drawing and install temporary works in the site.

· Prepare weekly progress schedule in line with Project Master Program and monitor work progress and delay shall be notify to superior.

· Prepare RFI, RFA, ROM, MOS, documents inventory, materials sample approval, tracking of delivery of materials from in-house, NSC & DSC.

· Plan and order of the site facilities equipment, tools and necessary items and follow up delivery of equipment and service installation and commission stipulated time frame.

· Prepare and plan the temporary facilities require for smooth operation of site and prepare material order, liaise with other department carry out the works using internal M&E worker and complete in time.

· Carryout necessary stand by work assign by superior time to time need for job completion.

· Attend M&E coordination meeting and progress meeting with sub-contractors and vendors meeting and highlight the site issue and raise up noncompliance of works.

· Liaise with the client, M&E consultant, Architect and site representatives (RE/RTO) to run the job smoothly and timely and Carry out the RE/ RTO inspection prior to casting or completion of works.

· Report weekly progress to management and DM(M&E).

· Undertake any other duties related M&E works that may be necessary for job to complete in time.

· Assist QS / DM (M&E) on verification of various claims and Technical Quarries, Omission of NSC & DSC items and during the site progress.

· Keep record and submit photos & necessary documents to Superior / contract department for M&E DSC/NSC damage / back charges to Architectural works, Structural works and third party damages.

· Plan and Monitor and submit the Authority submission documents in relation to project with in time frame to QP/PE/ consultant

· Control all team members and coordinate with Site staffs and work closely with architectural work progress, and conformance to schedule timelines.

· Ensure the M&E team are execute the works based on up-to-date drawings and ensure that only updated drawings are released to Sub-contractors.

· Control and verify the sub contractor’s drawing submission, Approved Materials and installation of works.

· Support QS team to check & advice / selection of materials deliver from the vendor with quality of product with cost effectiveness.

Compliance of Quality Management System & ISO

· Drive effective implementation and maintenance of the Quality Management System through the Deputy Management Representative.

· Ensure adopt the Company Standard work procedure system in cooperate and ISO/ OHSAS/EHS and or checking of various M&E services shop-drawings submission.

· To assist to superior for prepare method statements project basis in line with ISO documentation, check and submit of M&E components, Equipment and Fitting to Architect, M&E Consultant Engineer or Client approval

Operations & Cost Cutting Measures

· Direct daily operations in line with the Company Goals.

· Suggest Potential Measures for Cost Cutting in all Operational Areas.

· Plan manpower, material and equipment between in advance to deliver in time.

· Monitor water, Electricity and Diesel consumption and follow the Green and Gracious company goal.

· Good relations with NSC/ DSC and vendor and team works with all other parties for smooth operation of works progress.

· Guide Purchase team to Re-use/ recycle material from one job

· Guide Purchase team for material return to vendor in case of not-used or partially used.

HSE Compliance

· Drive the Project team coal to Comply to HSE norms

Any Other Duties

· Any other duties /responsibilities as assigned by the Reporting Manager / Management.


· Diploma / Degree in Mechanical or Electrical or equivalent

· Proficient in MS Office and strong knowledge in Project Management and well versed in AutoCAD


· Minimum 3 years of experience in M&E works

or minimum 5 years’ experience in M&E trades such as Electrical, Plumbing & Sanitary, ACMV and Fire System, Lift and Swimming Pool / water Feature.

· Ability to driven self-motive with personal achievement.

· A track record of meeting business goals and customer satisfaction requirements.

· Excellent organizational, interpersonal and communication skills.

Months of Contract 24 Months
Starting Month November
Experience Required 3 Years
Qualification Required Graduate Diploma
No. of Monthly Off 4 Days
Salary Range Per month 3,500.00 - 4,850.00 (SGD)
Location/City Sungei Kadut
Other Details