A delivery driver job is a type of job where a person delivers certain items from one place to another. The place or person from which they are providing could be public or private and, the place to which they are delivering could be public or private. The person should accomplish this job on time. The items could be anything from food to furniture. The delivery person will be responsible for the safety of the product while it has been delivered. His responsibility also includes providing the product in the same condition in which handed it to him. Delivery drivers work with a team to ensure the safe delivery of packages. The group includes packager, package handler etc. certain members of the team are responsible for accepting payments and making reports. These members are part of the delivery job. There are many platforms to find delivery driver jobs in Singapore or find delivery jobs in Singapore, but feelmyway.com is an online platform where you can find various opportunities for your job. You can also hire delivery drivers in Singapore. The person hiring for the job will ask about its requirements and conditions, and you can apply for the job accordingly. Many skills are in demand in Singapore. If you have specific skills like data marketer, backend Developer or any others, then by also using our platform, you can find skilled jobs in Singapore. Our website has job offers from big companies. If you want to offer your services to a well-established and high-level business, and you can handle the workload, then our platform is here to find corporate jobs in Singapore.

A domestic helper or also known as Maid, provides cleaning services. The domestic helper is responsible for cleaning specific parts of the house or whole house in such a manner that the homeowner requests. Domestic helper jobs could be part-time or full-time. In part-time you get paid by the hours. The house owner can ask again for your services if they like your cleaning. In full time you work for the same house owner all day. Payment could be weekly or monthly. In either case, the domestic helper should work closely with the house owners to understand their needs and demands. Our website feelmyway.com provides jobs for domestic helpers in Singapore. You can also find plumbing jobs in Singapore with the help of our website. If you are familiar with the responsibilities of this profession and can fulfill them, you can apply for it. The person applying for this job should know how to fix pipes on their position and attach their different fixtures, should be able to examine the equipment and cause of trouble and clear the blockage from sink drains and toilets. One should also be able to restore pipes and fixtures and estimate the cost of repairing all fixtures. A plumber would be interacting with the person, hiring their services, so the person should be excellent in communication skills and ready to work round the clock.